Friday, October 02, 2009

The Peace Cafe has been having many productive months of late. The following are some highlights.

June: Wustrow and Berlin, Germany

I participated in the international training by Kurve Wustow on non-violence in siuations of armed conflict. There were wonderful partcipants from around the world including Serbia, Colombia, Palestine, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Germany. The picture above was at a peaceful demonstration in the streets to bring awareness to climate change.

August: Pretoria, South Africa

At the values education workshop conducted with UNESCO and the University of Pretoria at the Mpumalanga district school.


At the University of South Africa's Graduate School of Business where we gave a talk on Values in Social Innovations: A Business guide to Sustainability.

September: Aceh, Indonesia

In Aceh, we observed a mental health awareness program in Biruen which Azhaire will potentially find funding matches for. As the academic advisor, I also evaluated a business pitch for Azhaire which seeks to pioneer a poverty alleviation intervention through direct investments with individuals to launch their own businesses.

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